Bucks County Mover Review by Tom N.

Paula, we were very satisfied with the move and the work of Peter McCann and his crews on May 30 and again on June1. They did a great job of organizing the loading and unloading of our household goods on both sides of the move, from our larger family home into the smaller over-55 townhouse for Diane and I! Your 5 day daily reminders was a great aid to our advance preparation, and as a result, we found a potential "glitch" that we had missed in the early review of the estimate, so that all worked out during the two day move. From the start of arriving on time on both days and prepared for the slightly larger load with two trucks, the teams were collaborative and conscientious in organizing the loading and unloading in a common sense manner to keep a timely pace for completion. Pete is a great leader of his teams and worked well with his team including solving the problem of a 10 year old front storm door accidentally fallen off its mounting during an exit from our Doylestown house. During the unloading on June 1, Pete was capably assisted by Trey to place the furniture and boxes as we had labeled in respective areas of our much smaller house. Your support staff including Ryan Voels and Beth Hogan provided us with answers to our many questions and concerns, and assist in providing us with the cartons for our PBO role in our move. We thank them for their patience with our concerns and questions and knowledge in helping in the advance work required for this move. We thank you and all the Clemmer staff for the help you provided through this move to assist us in our "change in life style" relocation throughout the move process! A great team effort for "job-well-done"!