Warrington Mover Review

Mark and crew moved 26,000 lbs of extremely heavy and bulky furniture and boxes during a 100 degree heat wave. Everyone was very careful to prevent damage to furniture and the house, and everyone was very helpful with moving boxes and furniture to appropriate rooms - even when I changed by mind about what room the item had to be in. (I received the household goods for my sister and her family who were out of town so I was unfamiliar with how large items were or how they would fit in a room and therefore once I was the actual item in place, I frequently had to change direction of where the item had to be placed.) Mark and his crew were always pleasant and courteous and worked extremely hard. All the beds and mirrors were assembled and positioned correctly in the appropriate rooms. A large heavy desk had to be carried back downstairs and repositioned in another room. No on complained about this inconvenience. Heavy file cabinets (filled) were move upstairs. A large and heavy (and extremely expensive) baby grand piano was moved and set up and positioned in room very carefully so that the piano did not get damaged. Care was taken to load the garage and basement in such a way that requested selected items were accessible while also maximizing space efficiency. In my opinion, Mark and his crew far exceeded my expectations. Between the excessive heat and the extremely large move, many of the crew were suffering from cramps in their arms but they still continued to work exceedingly hard. Mark and his crew worked quickly and efficiently from 9:00am until sometime after 5:00PM with not more than a 5 minute break around lunch time. I was extremely pleased with how hard and how carefully Mark and his crew worked. Moving 200 miles away from my family, friends and everything familiar is always painful, but the effectiveness of this move certainly made it a much easier experience. Please extend my thanks to all involved for their hard work in making this move so successful.