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Josias Clemmer was a small farmer who had six sons, and he had to find work for them. With his horse and wagons, he excavated basements in Souderton, transported cheese to New York City and moved furniture and anything else that came his way.

In 1928, Norman H. Clemmer took over the business. He transported food to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. On the return trip he brought sofa frames back to Vogel & Feingold, a sofa upholstering company in Telford. He also moved household goods. When the PUC was formed, he only applied for a five-mile radius of Souderton, Pennsylvania, which forced him to buy additional authority from Moyer & Company Freight. He made it through the depression, didn't believe in borrowing money and kept the company small.

In 1960, Norman C. Clemmer took over the business which consisted of two straight trucks, a file cabinet and a desk. The office was in the home. Calls were answered by the kids, and his wife Ruth handled all administrative and accounting functions. It was a family business, and his wife became intricately involved in the business as it later went on and grew. It truly was a husband and wife team.

Norm wanted to expand the business and became an agent for Dean Van Lines. In 1962, a 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse was purchased. It was an old, three-story cigar factory and had a rope elevator.

A second warehouse was purchased in 1964. It was three stories and had an electric elevator. Clemmer left Dean Van Lines and signed up with North American. Norm wanted to build up the company, and two of Louderback's employees left to join Clemmer. Louderback was Philadelphia's Largest Moving Company and a major stockholder of North American. Two months later, North American restricted Clemmer's bookings to a five-mile radius of Souderton, which forced Clemmer to leave North American and join American Red Ball. Later, Clemmer left American Red Ball and teamed up with Mayflower.

In 1969, Clemmer moved into a new 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse which was vaulted. Clemmer left Mayflower in 1977 and changed its van line affiliation with Atlas. The present facility was purchased in 1980. There have been two additions to the facility since that time. In 1985, Clemmer was approached by Allied Van Lines and a decision was made to team up with them.

In 1998, Clemmer opened up a 12,000 sq. ft. storage facility in Elkton, Maryland, which operated independently – not as an Allied agency. In 2006, Clemmer's Maryland division expanded to a 22,000 sq. ft. facility in Baltimore. At this same time, the Maryland division became a special products distribution center for Allied Van Lines.

Ruth Clemmer retired in 1997 and Norman C. Clemmer retired in December of 1998. During his tenure, he turned two trucks, a file cabinet and a desk into the 2nd largest moving and storage company in Pennsylvania.

The company is currently owned by Norman L. Clemmer and has over 100 employees.

Clemmer Moving and Storage is a full service Pennsylvania moving company. The main areas of service are product distribution, household good relocations (local-long distance-international), office and industrial moving, record storage, commercial storage and household goods storage.

Our Mission Statement

Clemmer Moving and Storage continues to follow the same core values that have been in place since 1904. They are loyalty, integrity and honesty. These values are shared among each other within the company, to our customers and are extended to all we meet in the community throughout our lives. Customers will follow and there will always be a market for our services when we share these values.

Our company's objective is to simply ensure that the actual movement of furniture and household goods is a small and insignificant part of our customers' lives during their relocation. This simple strategy is carried through out all of our product lines.

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