Philadelphia Mover Review

The experts in the medicine of psychology say that moving is in the top three of the most stressful events of a family's life. I have moved eleven times in a lifelong effort to earn a living just to test this theory. We have moved from the East coast three times and each event had its own set of challenges. This move was quite different because this time I was forced to withdraw my daughter from college and move her from an apartment in Brooklyn, New York, because of a brain tumor. The condition required a timing schedule that did not have a job deadline but a deadline related to chemotherapy. A dear friend of mine had recently moved from Pennsylvania back to Texas and highly recommended Joe Clemmer and Allied Van Lines. I contacted Mr. Clemmer. He patiently explained to me the options available knowing full well that we were moving memories, not items of a high monetary value. Memories take on their own value when they become a medicinal treatment for a very sick young lady and her parents that are trying to escort her through her illness. Our daughter's doctors timed our visit back to Brooklyn with her treatments so she could say goodbye to her friends, purge her belongings and make personal decisions about her possessions. No one knew about this journey because she wanted to feel "normal" and chose not to announce her condition for fear of the dreaded sympathy farewells. The experience went smoothly until the day before the move when Mr. Clemmer was notified that our loading contractors had backed out of the agreement. This situation presented complications that no one could understand other than Mr. Clemmer and his staff. The domino effect of not being loaded on time, making a plane and getting back to a chemo treatment became a struggle that caused the Clemmer staff to pull out corporate markers that did not punch time clocks. Late in the evening of our distress, Jimmie Dasch called to confirm the company's dedication to solve the problem and ask us to sleep soundly, knowing that the problem would be solved to the best of the company's ability. (Sleep, awe that too is a luxury) Moving day arrived, as did a new loading/moving associate named Reliable Van Moving and Storage. The two gentlemen, may I stress the word gentlemen, had been ask to add our job to their workday. They arrived within ten minutes of their appointment and quickly assessed the loading sequence for our possessions. Because the job was mildly unexpected, they had to improvise a few strategies for loading but did so with good humor and frankly, great ingenuity. As the movers preceded loading, I was approached by three other tenants that had been preparing to move and they asked that age old question, "Who are these guys?" My daughter put on some music, we opened some Vitamin Water and the atmosphere changed to friendly bantering and laughter. The job never lost its professionalism but in a very private way, unbeknown to the movers, they were lightening the load of a very sick young lady! The tetras process of loading ended and the movers had us sign the loading forms. I ask if I could send a recommendation to their bosses and their reply was, "No thank you, this is our job." They drove away with my daughter's hopes and dreams and she replied, "My, that was fun!" In today's world with the economy like it is, client service and integrity are the only two things that keep companies afloat. Clemmer, Reliable and Allied can rest assured that their names and numbers were given to six new potential clients and the management of the apartment complex. To them, they were "doing their job" but to us they were allowing our daughter to feel normal, a gift that I will not be able to pay for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.