Moving can be costly, whether you’re packing and driving yourself or opting for a full-service relocation. No matter your situation, there are several easy ways you can save money and time while simplifying your local or long distance move. At Clemmer Moving & Storage, our Bucks County and Montgomery County professionals are committed to making your move as affordable as possible. Follow the tips below before you spend more of your hard-earned money!

Organize, Pack, and Clean in Advance
If you hire your movers, this will save you stress and money. If you choose to move by yourself, this will save you many hours of time – and time is money!

Sell or Donate the Excess!
If you have old belongings of some value that you don’t need or use, try to sell them or donate to charity! You can save money either way: even if you donate, you’ll have less stuff to move, and your shipping costs will be lower!

Get Your Boxes Free
Paying for boxes is nonsensical when you can get them free from neighbors, restaurants, or Craigslist.

Use Your Own Materials
Old towels, linens, and blankets work well for padding furniture and other items and you won’t have to pay extra!

Move Off-Season
Moving companies charge more during peak season, which usually means weekends, the beginning of the month, and the summer. If you can afford to delay your move, you’ll get a lower rate!

Your Montgomery County and Bucks County movers at Clemmer Moving see you as an individual, not a dollar sign. We’ll work with you to customize your move to match your exact budget and specifications. Contact us today to learn more about what our moving experts can do for you!