Staging your home is essential to sell your home quickly and get the most money possible.  It is vital that your home appear clean, open and inviting.  You do not want to distract potential home buyers with too much clutter or your own personal effects. 

So, how do you stage your home?  Here are some important tips to consider

1.  Disassociate yourself from your home

  •   Look at your house not as if it is your home but a product that you’re going to sell that needs to be appealing from first glance

  •  Remove emotion from the situation and concentrate on the importance of selling the house

  • Take the time to say goodbye to each room


  • Remove personal knickknacks or décor.  For example, any political or sports related items could turn a potential home buyer off.  They may not agree with your own political or sports views.

  • Remove personal photos off the walls.  Buying a home is very emotional and you want the potential home buyer making an emotional attachment to your home by imagining their own family photos on the walls, not yours’.

3.  Eliminate Clutter 

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  • Remove pieces that block paths and doorways and put them in storage. 

  • Remove bookcases to make more room.  Take the leaves out of your dining and kitchen tables to make the room appear larger.  Leave only enough furniture to showcase the room’s purpose so home buyers understand the rooms potential but leave plenty of room to walk and move around in it.

  • Remove area  rugs, throw blankets and pillows

4.  Neutral is the new black

  • You may love bright and fun colors but that isn’t everyone’s taste.  Keep things neutral so potential home buyers can imagine what they would do to the home and not be distracted by what’s already there

  • Bright colors can turn off a potential home buyer giving them the thought of how much work & effort it will take to cover up your own design tastes

5.  Arrange your cabinets, closets and cupboards

  • We love to snoop!  Home buyers will open closet and cabinet doors to see how large they are.  Consider what they will think if a barrage of items were to fall out?!  Now, imagine if everything looked clean well organized.  Items to consider

·  Alphabetize spice jars

·  Neatly stack dishes

·  Turn coffee cup handles facing the same way

·  Keep all jars label out

·  Hang shirts together buttoned and facing the same way

·  Remove enough items from your closet so that garments are hung without touching the garment next to it

·  Line up Shoes

6.  Remove & Replace items not being sold with the home

  • If you do not plan to leave it take it out now.  This could be window coverings, appliances, fixtures or chandeliers.  If a buyer never sees it they won’t want it and there will be no hard feelings or blown deals.

7.  Make Minor Repairs

·  Replace cracked floor or counter tile

·  Patch walls (holes in the wall or nail holes where pictures once hung)

·  Replace burned out lights

·  Fix leaky faucets

·  Fix doors that don’t close properly or jam

8.  Clean Clean Clean

·  Wash windows

·  Clean out cobwebs

·  Clean out the refrigerator

·  Vacuum Daily

·  Hang fresh towels

·  Make sure the home smells cleaned

9.  Curb appeal

·  Keep sidewalks cleared

·  Keep the lawn mowed

·  Paint faded window trim or wood on the porch

·  Trim bushes

·  Make sure you can see your house number from the street