Moving is a stressful time with lots to do and much to consider. When you throw pets into the mix, it can make moving day even more trying. As is the case with all your residential moving tasks, a little pre-planning can ensure that moving day doesn’t have to be rough on you or your pets.

Get the Pets Used to Their Crates

Whether your pet will be road-tripping with you to your new destination or flying, they will likely need to spend some time in their crate. Make this easier for them by having them spend time in the crate in the weeks and months leading up to the move. Make the crate a pleasant place, so that when moving day comes, your pet will find it less stressful.

Board Them While the Truck is Being Loaded

If at all possible, send your cat or dog to daycare or a trusted friend’s home while the truck is being loaded. There are too many chances of a door being left ajar, giving your pet a chance to slip out. This is even more important when unloading the truck at your new home, because your pet will be unfamiliar with the area and unable to find his way back should he get out.

It will also help the household moving company professionals work more efficiently if they don’t have to worry about dogs and cats underfoot.

Know the Requirements for Entering Your New State with Pets

Did you know there are regulations governing pets entering one state from another? Many pet owners don’t realize this, but it is important to know the rules if you’re planning a state-to-state move. This handy guide details the rules of every state, so be sure to take a look before moving day.

If you’re planning an international move, be sure to very carefully research the rules of entering the country with a pet. This may include a period of quarantine, a vet exam at the airport, and other requirements.

Travel with Them 

Being around familiar people can make moving less stressful for your pets. If traveling by car, have your pets in the car with you. If you’re flying to your destination, you may be able to have the pet in the cabin with you depending on the airline’s rules and the size of your pet. If the idea of putting your pet in the cargo hold is more than you can bear, consider looking for a pet transportation company that will relocate your pet in a comfortable, air-conditioned van or truck.

Also, don’t forget to:

·  Get a copy of shot and medical records from your current vet.

·  Make sure those records are easily accessible as you move—you may need to show them at some point.

·  Update your pet’s microchip and tags with your new address and phone number.

·  Research vets, pet day care, boarding, and other pet-related services in your new town.

·  Ensure your new home and yard is pet proof. Look for poisonous plants, holes in the fence, and other issues that could be a problem.

Call the Area’s Trusted Moving Company

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