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With longer warmer days and school letting out soon, it’s easy to understand why the month of May signifies the beginning of peak moving season. While this time of year is popular for moving, that doesn’t mean that it’s without its shortcomings.

In fact, moving during peak season can be a challenge. Some of the most common issues people face are the lack of availability of moving companies (some get booked weeks in advance) along with increased prices thanks to the increased demand for Philadelphia movers.

At Clemmer Moving & Storage, we’re dedicated to making moving easier for our customers—whether they’re planning a relocation project during low season or right in the middle of the summer. If you’re in the latter group of people, take a look at this helpful guide to learn six great tips on avoiding common peak moving season problems and plan a smoother, more successful move this year.

Smooth Moves in Philadelphia this Summer

In addition to the regular issues that come with moving, there are numerous pitfalls that can take what should be an exciting time and make it into a living nightmare. By following these tips from our top-rated moving company in Philadelphia, you’ll avoid disaster and plan the smooth summer move of your dreams.

  • Scheduling the Dates: Ideally, for money saving purposes you would move during off-peak season, but if you’re reading this article we’re already past that point. During peak moving season, your best bet is to move mid-month and mid-week if at all possible. The crews will have more availability, and prices should be lower compared to the weekend or the end of the month.
  • Beware of Upfront Costs: It’s not unreasonable for moving companies in Philadelphia to ask for a small deposit to hold your moving reservation during peak moving season. The key word is small. Any mover that wants a large deposit or a hefty down payment in advance is one to avoid. In addition, make sure that deposit is refundable if the move needs to be rescheduled/canceled for one reason or another.
  • Get it in Writing: All agreements between you and the moving company needs to be in writing. More importantly, they need to be signed. Never sign a blank form and make sure you get copies of everything you sign. This goes double for the bill of lading, which is arguably the most important document.
  • Carry Your Valuables: It’s always recommended that valuables like cash, coins, jewelry, important papers, and other items of similar nature should remain with you or locked in a safety deposit box, if possible. It doesn’t hurt to look into moving insurance as a solid back-up plan as well just in case something should happen to your most valued possessions.
  • Stay Connected: Your moving company needs to be able to get ahold of you easily. This is important because complications can and do happen. Delivery can be delayed, schedules can change, and the mover could get lost. By keeping communications high, you can easily manage this potential pitfall before it becomes a problem.
  • Ask and You Shall Receive: This is not the time to have your questions go unanswered about your moving plans. If there is something you don’t understand about the relocation company’s policies, or you are curious about plans for moving day, then speak up and make sure you get the answers you need before it’s too late. If your mover can’t or won’t answer your questions, then it’s time to look into hiring a different moving company.

Moving with Clemmer Moving and Storage

Since 1904, the team at Clemmer Moving and Storage as operated by the same core values. Those values are loyalty, integrity, and honesty. Holding true to those values have helped us to deliver a superior moving experience that is unmatched for our customers. For each and every move, we strive to make the actual relocation itself as simple and straightforward as possible, so that our customers can relax and enjoy their moving experience. Our commitment to our customers and affordable pricing, honest values, and dedicated services are what makes us your most trusted Philadelphia moving company.

We provide tailored moving solutions for our customers, regardless if it’s a local move or a long distance move, over the summer, or during the rest of the year. We also specialize in interstate and international moves for those who need such services. From 2015-2017 we were the Women’s Choice Award winner for America’s most recommended moving company. We are also a certified ProMover and agent for Allied Van Lines, so you know that your move is in the hands of an award-winning, professional team that has your needs in mind.

Ready to start your peak season move? Give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional moving services or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.