Benefits of Moving During the Offseason

Our residential movers in Philadelphia from Clemmer Moving & Storage are well aware of why people may not want to move during the winter months. Did you know that moving companies are at their slowest between October-April? People are less inclined to move when there is a foot of snow outside and the kids are still in school.

Because of this, moving companies like our long-distance moving company offer incentives for clients to move during October-April. Our Philadelphia long-distance movers are going to share why it might be better to move when it’s colder outside when you use the perks moving companies want to give you, so they stay busy.

Fewer Scheduling Conflicts

Since moving companies in Philadelphia aren’t as busy when it’s cold outside, if you want to move during this time, we’ll have a wider availability in our scheduling. This means we can be much more accommodating to what time and day of the week you want to move in January as opposed to July.

Fewer customers are being attended to, so we can give your moving project even more specialized care during this time. Ask a reputable moving company, like Clemmer Moving & Storage, about their scheduling times during any of the winter months to see for yourself!

Fast Delivery for Your Items

You might think icy roads=slow delivery. Actually, the opposite is true. When the roads are icy, your items get delivered to you faster, because:

  • With fewer clients, fewer of our moving trucks are out on the roads.
  • With more trucks open, we can deliver your items faster without making stops.
  • Sometimes, traffic isn’t as bad when it’s cold outside.

Seasonal Discount and Promotions

You could be winning big with the discounts and promotions residential moving companies offer during the holiday season, and even into spring. Check in with your moving company to see how you can save money by moving when most people aren’t wanting to move. It could be worth your while and save you hundreds of dollars!

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