Whether you’re moving in or out of a home, you want to take steps to protect the building and outdoor areas from damage. You and your movers can take steps to minimize the risk of damage to floors, walls, the lawn, and more.

Here are some top tips from experienced local and long-distance movers.

Protect Your Lawn

It’s likely that the movers will walk back and forth across the same stretch of lawn—and that means the potential for damage. Covering the path with cardboard or other material—especially if the lawn is wet—will help to minimize damage.

If any items within the path can be easily moved, get them out of the way. If there is a section of the yard you particularly want to protect, such as a flower garden, discuss this with your movers, so they can avoid that area.

Preventing Floor Damage

The floors are one of the parts of the home that many homeowners worry about the most during a move, and it’s easy to understand why. As furniture and boxes are moved throughout the house, scuffs and scratches may be left behind.

Quality movers take steps to prevent this by never dragging heavy furniture across hard floors and by protecting carpets with plastic and/or particle board.

Doorway Protection

Another area for high risk of damage during a move is the doorways. As bulky items are moved through, it can be tricky to prevent hitting the doorways. The best way to avoid this type of damage is to cover these items with a moving blanket before moving them through doorways. You can also protect actual doors by removing them during the move.

Protecting Curtains and Artwork

This is a sometimes-overlooked risk, but it’s one that is easy to mitigate. Remove curtains and artwork before the move to ensure they won’t be ripped or damaged.

Don’t Forget the Garage Floor

Before moving day, dispose of items that could be spilled and stain the cement garage floor. Doing so will prevent soiling from oils, gas, and other chemicals.

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