With so many boxes on the market, it is hard to know which boxes are meant for which items. At Clemmer Moving & Storage we know how important it is to pack your items in the correct boxes. Packing in the wrong boxes can lead to your moving team getting hurt or your items getting damaged. Follow these easy box tips to make sure your items and long distance moving team get to your new home in one piece. 

Large Moving Boxes

Light-weight and bulky items fit into large cardboard moving boxes. Items such as comforters, blankets, stuffed animals, or pillows can be moved in these boxes without the boxes becoming too heavy and hard to move.

Medium Moving Boxes

As the most versatile cardboard moving box, the medium box can accommodate many types of items. Make sure to check the weight limitation on each box as you pack them!

Small Moving Boxes

Your heaviest items belong in small moving boxes. Books, canned goods, and weights should be grouped together in small boxes to make moving heavier items easier. 

Dish Pack Boxes

Dish boxes are cardboard boxes that contain dividers, allowing you to separate your small fragile items. This can be used for many fragile items, but is ideal for packing dishes and glassware.

Electronics Box

This cardboard box is special because it contains thicker walls designed to accommodate the size and weight of household electronics. Sound systems, monitors, desktops, and microwaves fit very well in these boxes. 

TV Box

If you do not have your original TV box, these boxes are great for large flat screen television. TV boxes provide proper protection for your television during transport.

Large Picture/Mirror Box

If you need a box that will protect your mirror or wall art, this is the box for you. These boxes often are made with handles making them easier to carry.

Extra Tall Box

Tall and narrow items such as floor lamps, golf clubs, and fishing equipment fit great in extra tall boxes. 

Wardrobe Box

These boxes are amazing for moving your closet. With a metal rod in each box, you can literally move your items from closet to closet, without ever taking them off the hanger. Wardrobe boxes are also a great option for clothing you do not want to wrinkle or formal wear.

Mattresses Bags & Boxes

Your mattress and box spring need protection from the outside and moving truck. That is why we suggest you wrap them in a plastic mattress bag. If you are willing to provide extra protection, for a little extra money you can buy a durable and easier to move mattress bag that contains handles.

File Box

File boxes offer great storage for personal files or documents you do not have in a filing cabinet or desk. These boxes are made specifically for easy transporting of documents.

Custom Crates

If you have items that will not fit into standard moving boxes, Clemmer Moving & Storage is here to assist you with custom crating options. Do not chance your fragile or expensive item on a moving truck without protection. Our residential moving team can offer you custom-built wood crates and insured protection. Your artwork and antique furniture will be safe with us. Call us today to receive your free moving quote.