Two people in holiday sweaters holding boxes

The Holidays are a busy time of year with friends and family, but they aren’t a hectic moving season. For that reason and others, moving during the holidays can present several advantages. You can cash in on lowered costs associated with moving and have a more peaceful relocation.

Still, even without the task of moving, the holidays require careful planning and coordination. Here are a few tips to help you create a smooth move while enjoying a fulfilling festive occasion.

Budget Ahead of Time

Gift-giving can get out of hand for a budget sometimes. If you’re a generous gift-giver, you don’t want to figure out how to celebrate and pay for your move. Get an estimate several months ahead. That way, your move is fully funded.

Schedule Your Move Early

A lot of people take time off during the holidays, and that includes people in the moving and storage industry too. Ensure that your long-distance movers have the staff to relocate you by scheduling your move with advanced notice.

Donate Extra Items

During a move, you will find items you won’t want to pack or move. Find a resource near you that is accepting holiday donations. You can give a family what they need while also downsizing your relocation services.

Pause on the Big Purchases

It might be tempting to catch a good Black Friday sale on a new television. Still, whatever large items you buy, you’ll have to pay have moved. Consider pausing on major purchases until after the move.

Start Packing Early

The holidays are hectic enough without the added stress of finding time to pack. If you pack early on, you can save yourself the stress and still enjoy the festivities.

Forgo the Role of Host

Maybe yours is the house that everyone gathers at every year, but someone else has had the desire to host. Perhaps this is the year to let someone else take a turn instead of gathering around boxes or clutter from moving.

Label Decorations Clearly

Of course, when you get to your new home, you’ll want easy access to your holiday décor. Label those celebratory boxes clearly for an easier unpacking experience.

Still, if you want a completely hassle-free move, consider hiring an experienced residential mover. Clemmer has provided reliable relocation for over a century and has award-winning service. Call for a free quote.