Moving is a big undertaking, no matter the distance which is why you have to make sure you hire the right company to help take care of your move. Hiring a team of local or long-distance movers with the right combinator of experience is important, but should you hire a moving company or a moving broker to have those movers take care of your move? In this post, the movers here at Clemmer Moving & Storage will go over the benefits of hiring a moving company over a moving broker for your moving needs. 

A Moving Company Employs Their Movers

When you're facing a big move, there are advantages to hiring an experienced moving company over opting for the services of a broker. Not only do moving companies provide their own teams of certified movers who can handle your items with great care and using state-of-the art equipment, but they also offer peace of mind as you have direct contact with them should anything go wrong during transit. A moving broker may not be so easy to communicate with since they hire third-party movers to take care of your move. 

Dedicated Moving Services

A reputable moving company is your best bet for a successful relocation. Not only will they have experienced residential movers to help make sure everything goes smoothly, but also provide customized services to meet all of your needs. Going with a moving broker may seem like an attractive option on the surface, however they might not have the services that you want like:

  • Residential Moving 
  • Storage Services
  • Specialized Moving

Licensed & Certified For Moves

Moving companies that are authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration can move items from one state to another without issue and ensure they arrive safely to their destination. A moving broker might not possess the necessary certification or authorization for your move. This can lead to potential issues popping up which can delay your move.

Valuation Protection Coverage 

An important benefit that a moving company provides over a moving broker is that they offer damage protection for your items. In the event of damage to your property, a moving company will enforce they protection coverage for your items allowing you to be reimbursed. A moving broker though, likely won’t have coverage, which can lead to potential headaches knowing your items are damaged and you won’t be reimbursed. Two types of valuation protection coverage include: 

  • Replacement Value Protection
  • Weight Value Protection

Choose A Moving Company For Your Move

Choosing between a moving company or a broker may be confusing at first, but if you want only the best moving experience, make sure you hire a proven moving company in your area. With a variety of services offered and protection for your items, it is no wonder why many people hire moving companies to take care of their moving needs.