Smiling couple with moving boxes in front of a house

A Philadelphia household move can be an exciting or stressful situation depending on how you tackle the situation. Here are some key tips that will help you enjoy the transition to a smaller home or apartment. All it takes is some time, intentional thought, and optimistic energy.

Dedicated Sessions to Take Your Time

Many professional organizers or cleaners will tell you that it can't all be done in a day. The process of sorting through every single belonging can take weeks or even months. It's suggested to break your dedicated time for sorting into small sections.

In addition, you'll want to prioritize the easiest spaces first to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. Consider starting with a coat closet and transitioning to the garage last. This way, you'll enjoy a little reward every time you accomplish sorting a space.

Sort by Valuable Versus Dispensable

Although all your belongings may not be absolutely necessary to keep, some things have a high sentimental or purchase value. These items should be first on your list of things to keep. It's much easier to start with a dedicated pile of belongings that you're insistent on keeping rather than trying to fit them in later.

As your "need" items start to fill in the space, you'll see how many "want" items you can reasonably hold on to. This process can be liberating and helps you to understand what you actually need to function and thrive in a smaller home. Consider researching minimalism for some downsizing inspiration. Some important possessions may include:

  • Photos & Artwork
  • Valuable Jewelry
  • Gifts From Loved Ones

Physically Visualize a Smaller Space

Many homeowners who decide to transition to a smaller home or apartment find success in physically taping off a portion of their home to see what will fit inside. If possible, try to condense your belongings into a smaller section of your existing space that matches the square footage of your new home. When visually evaluating what fits and what doesn't you'll have an easier time at cutting out the extra items that you don't have room for.

Comprehensive Residential Moving in Philadelphia

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