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You’re planning a move, and saving money is probably on your mind. With a tight budget, you may be considering either a fully DIY move or a mix of DIY and minimal professional services.

Full-service moving may seem like a luxury, but many benefits make this type of service a smart choice.

Before we look at the benefits, let’s talk about cost:

Even if you complete the move completely or partially on your own, you’ll still have expenses. Plus, some moving companies offer custom packages that help you keep the cost of full-service moving to a minimum while still enjoying its many benefits.

Benefits of Full-Service Moving

Some benefits of a full-service local or long-distance move are obvious, such as not having to lift heavy boxes, but some never think about some of the other perks, including:

Less Stress

There’s no way around it: Moving is stressful, but choosing full-service moving eliminates much of that stress by taking the moving-related off your plate and putting them into the hands of skilled moving professionals.

Packing Expertise

Proper moving takes more than a strong back. It also requires skills relating to packing, crating, and the handling of everything from furniture to fine art. In order to reduce the chance of damage in transit, it’s important that your belongings are properly packed.

Inventory Services

Scribbling “Joe’s bedroom” or “bathroom” on a box doesn’t qualify as inventorying your belongings. Lack of a proper inventory system makes it difficult to keep track of everything, so you may not notice if something is missing.


It’s not only your belongings that may suffer damage during a move; back strains and other injuries are common with DIY moves. Avoiding such injuries is one more benefit of hiring full-service moving professionals.

Valuation Protection

If your items are damaged during a move completed by reputable professional movers, you’ll have the protection of valuation coverage.

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