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Moving your valuables can be a stressful situation with the risk of loss, damage, or theft. Luckily, there are proven ways to ensure that your high-value items can be transported safely to their destination. With these key tips and tricks, you can enjoy a stress-free local or long-distance relocation in Philadelphia and beyond with peace of mind.

Label All Boxes Discretely

Although labeling boxes is one of the most important things you can do to stay organized during a move, it's important to take caution while describing what's in each box. A great way to do this is to label high-value items as "fragile" as opposed to "valuable" to be discrete. This will alert the movers that certain boxes require more attention than others.

Utilize Storage Facilities

If you have a large quantity of valuables that you're transporting, take advantage of secure storage options to split the shipment into parts. This ensures that if something goes wrong during one transport, the other valuables will be safe and sound. This is a technique that many homeowners and commercial business owners take to spread out the risk of loss.

Insure High-Value Items

The process for insuring your valuables should start with an appraisal by a professional in the antique, jewelry, or other industry related to your items. This appraisal can go a long way to ensuring you get proper coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged items in transit. You can then work with your moving company to get valuation insurance on all high-value items.

Hire a Philadelphia Moving and Storage Company

With a professional moving company in Philadelphia, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing they'll take care of every detail. This is one of the most straightforward ways to make sure your high-value items make it to their destination safely. Local or long-distance movers can provide the following benefits for seamless transportation:

  • Valuation Insurance
  • Safe Storage Warehouse
  • Screened, Licensed, Insured, and Uniformed Movers
  • Decades of Industry Experience
  • Positive Reviews and Recommendations

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